Since I live abroad, and work for a company that operates globally, I often have the need to communicate points in time across time zones - be it to schedule a teleconference, a project deadline, a phone call with relatives, or anything else where timing is a factor. This, and my desire to get a bit more into web programming, led to this small website, which I now consider to be a valuable communication tool:

Instead of having to write sentences like
"Let's talk about this on the phone, I'll call you on Tuesday after dinner at 8 (that's 14:00 German time, and 8 AM for those in New York)."
and having to do the math before, considering summer / Daylight Saving time, which happens to start and end on different dates in different places, or does not exist at all in yet other places... - I can now just write
"Let's discuss that on the phone: 20:00 Asia/Shanghai"
and does all the calculations.

I hope you will also find this useful, and that this tool can make you more efficient while communicating across borders.

patrick -at-