Help: Specifying a fixed point in time

It is often cumbersome to communicate points in time with people who are in other time zones than oneself (think of teleconferences, air travel arrival times, ...). This is actually one of the main reasons, why was created. By specifying a fixed point in time on, you can send along a simple link to everyone involved, and they can see what time you are talking about, without anyone having to calculate time zone differences.

And here is how it works:
Just append a slash (/) and then the fixed point in time (in your time zone) to the usual URL of your clock. You can specify the point in time in a number of ways, for example:

ISO 8601
UNIX timestamp

... and many more (just try, you can't break anything)! All these URLs would open the clock "example" with the time as specified, transformed into the time zones of the places shown there. knows about summer time / Daylight saving time changes in all the time zones, and does the calculations accordingly.